Finding Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington State

Medical Marijuana Clinic WA

Getting medical marijuana in Washington State involves several steps.  First, you need to meet the criteria set by Washington State law.  They provide a list of qualifying conditions that may enable you to receive medical marijuana.  This can sometimes prove difficult if your doctor or their office politics do not allow them to suggest medical marijuana as an option.  Many people end up getting approved for medical marijuana through one of the local medical marijuana agencies, such as the THC Foundation.

Finding medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington State is a little bit harder.  It is essentially an underground business, particularly known to those who have already been approved for medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana dispensaries are not technically legal in WA State.  Unlike California with its big super sized medical marijuana dispensaries, Washington State law has not legalized medical marijuana dispensaries.  Unfortunately, the loopholes and lack of clarity in the law have created an unstable and sometimes dangerous arena.  Medical marijuana providers are too frequently the target of robbery and other violent crimes.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Resource List

Although this is not a THC Foundation endorsement it is easy to find medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington State using an agency like them.  After you are thoroughly evaluated for a medically approved condition and found to meet the test of Washington’s law then you get a medical marijuana authorization.  The THC Foundation has a medical cannabis resource list, but they do NOT provide medical marijuana at their facility.  To find someone you literally have to go down the resource list and call people, asking them if they have openings and how you can get your medication filled.  Do not call it anything other than medicine.  When you start calling on the MMJ resource list you will be treated with suspicion.  Many medical marijuana “dispensaries” have been robbed and fooled by people pretending to be patients, former or current employees, and jerks trying to make a quick buck.

The Best Medical Marijuana

The medical marijuana dispensary may not have your best interest in mind.  Many people are opening medical marijuana dispensaries solely for the money making.  You might not care about their intent as long as they have medical marijuana available, but many patients do care.  Check around for the best cannabis prices.  Some medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington State only give discounts for quantity or will only sell in certain quantities.  This takes advantage of someone who can only afford to get a small quantity of medical cannabis.  Finding a place that sell by the gram is good because then you have complete control over the amount and how much you spend on your cannabis medicine.

Some dispensaries can also teach you how to grow your own medical marijuana.  Growing medical marijuana for person use is LEGAL in WA state as long as you stay at or below the permitted quantity.  Know the medical marijuana laws before you find a marijuana clinic or try to grow cannabis.  Strains are different and you will recognize the difference.  To find the best marijuana strains for pain you need to sample.  The dispensary owner will also give your recommendations based on why you were authorized to use marijuana.

Most medical marijuana dispensary specific locations are held in the confidences of their patients.  It is important that once you find a medical marijuana dispensary that you abide by their confidentiality practices because it will keep both you and the dispensaries safe.  Another way of finding medical marijuana dispensaries is to find patient groups, these are groups that are support groups.  Other patients are most often the best source of information. Check the back pages of The Stranger and Seattle Weekly or other magazines and alternative newspapers for ads.  Read all the ads you see offline and online.

Some people say to stick with your dealer if you were using marijuana before you got authorized medically, but this is not the best plan.  Keep looking until you find a place that treats you well and has excellent cannabis.  Medical marijuana certification provides you with a defense in court not a free pass to do whatever you want.  Following the law as best as you understand it is going to be your best defense and really important if you decide to use medical marijuana.

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    I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help by informing me which are the overall best cannabis strains for chronic pain in the feet, hands and wrists, buttocks, thighs and back. Pretty much everywhere! Thank You Very Much, GUS

  2. Joe says

    underground is right. The THCF clinic gave me a list but half the phone numbers don’t work and half of the remaining is for other clinics. Why would I need another clinic when you just gave me a card???? The two places I got ahold of are very sketchy and I am not even sure they off what I am looking for since one can tell you anything with our stupid laws. AHHHHHHH!!!


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