How to Find an Online NA Meeting

Online NA Meeting

Online Support Groups

Online Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are an amazing chance to expand your recovery.  Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 step recovery group.  Although there are brick and mortar meetings, the advent of the internet has brought online NA meetings.  Here are some ways to find online Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  Online NA meetings are nice because there is an added level of anonymity.

  • Go to the Narcotics Anonymous website at to find online NA meetings plus meeting directories for just about anywhere worldwide.  Pay attention to the site’s directions about location so you get the right time.
  • NA Recovery Chat is another place to check for online NA meetings.  You can chat live with other folks in recovery and members of Narcotics Anonymous or post in their forum.  It looks like the forum might not be as active as the actual chat room.
  • Twelve Step Recovery Forums ( has a meeting every night. Pay attention to your times zones when you are looking for online NA meetings.
  • Another awesome looking website is Earth Group NA. This site has online Narcotics Anonymous meetings and forums, plus you can find literature and other NA based stuff.  They also have a list of eSponsors, people willing to sponsor via internet (presumably, I didn’t talk to anyone there).  Interesting site.

*If you want to read the Just for Today daily meditation for Narcotic’s Anonymous you can find it at


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