How to Prevent Meth Mouth

What Causes Meth Mouth?

Meth mouth is a dental condition caused by chronic dry mouth (Xerostomia) and attributed to the use of crystal methamphetamine.

The symptoms of meth mouth include excessive dry mouth (cotton mouth); cavities; decaying or rotting teeth; brittle or loose teeth; tooth cracking and breakage; and eventual tooth loss.  The stereotypical pictures of meth mouth show people with massive tooth decay resulting in widespread tooth loss; teeth are often broken and decayed down to just little tooth nubbins and mostly bare gums.

What is Meth?

Crystal methamphetamine is also known as ice, glass, meth, g, shit, crank, crystal, crystal meth, Tina, tweak, speed, poor man’s cocaine, and other street slang terms.  Crystal meth is a popular, extremely addictive drug, catching men and women of all ages.  Meth use has risen dangerously over the past several years.

People who get addicted to meth often lose sense of time. Sometimes people go for days or weeks on end barely eating, drinking fluids, or properly caring for their hygiene.

Meth Mouth Myths

There is a lot of crystal meth misinformation.  One meth mouth myth is that crystal causes people to crave sugar, and this leads to the meth mouth. Unfortunately, this creates the wrong image of a meth addict and those with meth mouth.  People are not just running around drinking Mountain Dew, chomping on candy bars, and smoking meth.

Stop Tooth Decay and Improve Mouth Health

prevent meth mouth

Prevent Meth Mouth

The best way to prevent meth mouth is hydration.  Meth mouth prevention requires an active choice to keep your mouth and body hydrated. Although there is a lot of information that says crystal meth itself is what causes meth mouth, it is actually the dry mouth and dehydration that cause it. Preventing meth mouth means you need saliva. Without saliva your mouth cannot properly break down bacteria or help digest food. It all starts in the mouth.  Other tips to prevent meth mouth are sucking on something sugar free, chewing sugar free gum, spraying your tongue with a squirt bottle, swish and spit after smoking, and brush/floss regularly.

Stopping the use of meth is the best way to prevent meth mouth, but this is not always an easy answer.  Taking a harm reduction approach to prevent meth mouth is also helpful.  By keeping your body hydrated and having water on hand you will be able to prevent meth mouth from developing or getting worse.  Hydrate your body with water because alcohol and caffeinated drinks cause dehydration, only making things worse.  Drinking water can help prevent meth mouth and minimize other side effects of crystal meth.

Some users quit using and still see their teeth deteriorating.  Find a dentist as soon as you can.  Taking care of your health is part of staying clean from meth.

Biotene Helps Stop Tooth Loss

Biotene Helps Stop Tooth Loss

There is nothing on the market to specifically prevent meth mouth, but there are few products that work great at preventing dry mouth.  The dry mouth you get on meth, or with other medications, is the leading cause of the decay causing meth mouth.  You can drink water and work to stay hydrated, but you also need to keep your mouth from getting dry. To prevent meth mouth use Biotene.  Biotene is a dry mouth product that stimulates saliva production.  It comes in a gel, toothpaste, drops, gum, and mouth wash.  It’s one of the closest things you’ll get to a solution and is very successful in treating dry mouth.  Get some Biotene gel and prevent meth mouth.  Buy a package of Biotene or even but a generic Biotene to help increase the saliva production.  It really does work and will help your mouth. It last for 8 hours, so it’s useful for crystal use.

Crystal meth is not the only drug to cause dry mouth and tooth loss.  There are many medications, including Adderall and Ritalin, that can do the same thing.  If you think you have a problem with crystal meth or any other drugs, seek help.  People often have denial of crystal meth use and abuse as well as problems with other substances.  Getting help is the best thing to do.


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